The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association supports efforts to empower San Francisco police officers to carry conducted energy devices, commonly referred to as tasers. Recently, the San Francisco Police Officers Association has promoted an initiative to provide CEDs to San Francisco police officers. If approved, the measure would enable police officers in San Francisco to use a critical life-saving tool used safely throughout the country.

“Conducted Energy Devices are an important tool officers should have available in appropriate circumstances,” says SFDSA President Ken Lomba. “These devices are proven to reduce serious injuries to officers, suspects, and the public – allowing their use with proper training is an obvious choice for a 21st century law enforcement department,” he said.

On March 7th, the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association had endorsed the San Francisco Police Officers Association’s Safer Policing ballot measure.  “The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association stands with you, the San Francisco Police Officer’s Association, in support of the “Safer Policing” ballot measure,” SFDSA President Ken Lomba wrote in the endorsement letter.

The San Francisco Deputy Sheriff’s Association is the labor union representing deputy sheriffs and senior deputy sheriffs in the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department.