Active Shooter

What to do during an Active Shooting?

What do you do when there is an Active Shooter? How do you react? Violence can occur for many reasons whether it’s a violent rage, hatred, a disgruntled employee, or mental illness. In many cases, there is no pattern or method to the selection of victims by an active shooter, and these situations are, by […] Read More »

San Francisco pedestrian accident

Solutions to Stop Pedestrian Deaths in SF

Recently in San Francisco there have been 2 pedestrian deaths by vehicles. For the year 22 people have died on the city streets outpacing 2018. Several politicians have come together demanding a solution to reduce vehicle versus pedestrian injury accidents. Some have demanded a Traffic State of Emergency. We want to share with you what […] Read More »

San Francisco Soft on Crime

Chinese Community Outraged with SF Crime

Today, there was a meeting at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association in regards to public safety concerns amongst the Chinese Community due to increased crime. It was a very professional meeting held by the association with many speakers on the topic of public safety voicing their concerns. There was discussion on having more police officers […] Read More »

Sasanna Yee Communities As One

Concerns build about Violence on the Chinese Community

Concerns are building about violence against the Chinese Community becoming the new norm. With decriminalization of laws, extreme leniency and little consequences for crime in San Francisco, will attacks on the Chinese Community go unnoticed in SF’s lenient Justice System? Sasanna Yee, “Unfortunately, violence on the Chinese community is becoming the norm. It is occurring […] Read More »

Grandma Huang Popo photo by Sasanna Yee

Is San Francisco Safe for Chinese Seniors?

Approximately 8 violent crimes this year that targeted seniors in the Chinese community. We have listed some of the violent attacks that occurred this year. The World Journal Newspaper, Singtao Newspaper and Skylink TV reported that on Monday, July 15th in the afternoon two Chinese community leaders were violently attacked and robbed in Chinatown by […] Read More »

SFDSA endorses Leif Dautch for DA

SFDSA Endorses Leif Dautch for District Attorney

The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association is pleased to announce its endorsement for San Francisco District Attorney.  “Leif Dautch represents the strongest candidate for District Attorney in San Francisco,” says SFDSA President Ken Lomba.  “Leif was spectacular in all areas of our process.  He was very articulate and well versed on the duties and responsibilities […] Read More »


SAN FRANCISCO DEPUTY SHERIFFS’ ASSOCIATION SUPPORTS SAN FRANCISCO MAYOR MARK FARRELL’S CALL FOR STATE TO FUND AND REBUILD THE SEISMICALLY UNSAFE HALL OF JUSTICE “Rebuilding the Hall of Justice is the only way to ensure the safety of court staff, attorneys, jurors, Sheriff’s Deputies and countless others,” the letter reads. “We urge you to take […] Read More »