SFDSA invests in Bitcoin

On April 14, 2021 the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association made the decision to invest into Bitcoin.  Our Board of Directors discussed investing into Bitcoin as an asset in addition to our current investment portfolio.  Currently the SFDSA has successfully invested by building all weather portfolios but we have noticed a raising trend towards crypto […] Read More »

Forced Overtime at San Francisco Sheriff’s Office

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office has a history of conducting salary savings.  Salary savings is a scheme to reduce hiring and offer overtime to existing employees.  In small cases it may be okay since the department can offer overtime to volunteers but over the years the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office has taken it to an […] Read More »

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SF Sheriff’s Office Sanctioned $2500.00 for Not Providing Documents

During a court proceeding between the Deputy Sheriffs Association against the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office, the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association attorney requested information from the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s attorney refused to provide the requested documents. After filing a motion to compel the Sheriff’s Office to produce the documents, a Superior Court Judge granted the DSAs […] Read More »

Ken Lomba, SFDSA

SFDSA Delivers Christmas Meals to First Responders!

On December 25th Christmas Day the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association delivered meals to First Responders that were working Christmas day away from their families during the Covid-19 pandemic to protect yours. The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association along with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Managers and Supervisors Association and SEIU paid for Christmas meals for […] Read More »

SFDSA files lawsuit against Sheriff Miyamoto

In March of 2020, Sheriff Miyamoto violated the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association collective bargaining agreement.  This agreement is a contract between the union and the City and County of San Francisco covering wages, benefits and work conditions.  Sheriff Miyamoto violated our compensatory compensation side letter and the provision of the SFDSA contract. As well […] Read More »

Yes on Prop 20 – Keep California Safe

San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association endorses a Yes Vote on Prop 20. Proposition 20 fixes four specific flaws contained in recent criminal justice reforms — addressing violent crime classification and serial theft, as well as parole reform and DNA collection. San Francisco’s Crime Rate is going up as it relates to thefts and some violent […] Read More »

Open Letter to the San Francisco Mayor

We wrote an open letter to the SF Mayor London Breed in regards to redeploying approximately 170 San Francisco Police Officers that are assigned to SFO, replacing them with SF Deputy Sheriffs while moving the SF Police Officers back to San Francisco where they are needed. We had a discussion about this with the Mayors […] Read More »