Open Letter to the San Francisco Mayor

We wrote an open letter to the SF Mayor London Breed in regards to redeploying approximately 170 San Francisco Police Officers that are assigned to SFO, replacing them with SF Deputy Sheriffs while moving the SF Police Officers back to San Francisco where they are needed.

We had a discussion about this with the Mayors Chief of Staff. We determined by doing this it would save the SF Airport money which would translate to a savings to the airlines. It would not cost the cities general fund any money, SF Deputies would be paid for by the SFO which is an enterprise fund and does not draw money from the city. With this bad economy, employees facing layoffs and businesses are suffering, this is a fiscally responsible idea.

Recent data on SF Police Departments Crime Dashboard shows an increase in Homicide up +37%, Arsons up +53%, Burglaries up +42% and Car Thefts up +32% in San Francisco, while as little crime there is at SFO it has even decreased dramatically more.

After a thought out discussion, we presented the idea of replacing the SF Police Officers at SFO as police officers in the city retire. SFO SFPD officers can transition back into the city of San Francisco to vacant positions after an officer retires or leaves to another agency. This would save the cities general fund from hiring and training new officers.

Also this would stop the SFO from depleting the SFPD recruitment and hiring pool of officers which they have spent time and money recruiting. As well as these recruited police officers are a resource for the city of San Francisco and should not be picked away by SFO. This current method is not efficient and depletes police officers that are intended for public safety in San Francisco. There would be a recruitment and hiring saving by doing this as well and by stopping this practice it protects the tax payers money that has an investment in public safety in San Francisco.