Mayor Breed and Sheriff Miyamoto: Far-Left Policies Masquerading as Moderate Leadership

In San Francisco, the narrative often paints Mayor London Breed and Sheriff Paul Miyamoto as Democrat moderates, advocating for balanced and pragmatic solutions to the city’s challenges. However, a closer examination of their policies reveals a starkly different reality. Their approach, especially concerning public safety and law enforcement, aligns more closely with far-left ideologies, significantly impacting the effectiveness of our criminal justice system.


The Reality Behind the Budget

On May 30, 2024, Mayor Breed released her new budget, touting an expansion of public safety. However, the details tell a different story. The budget emphasizes civilianization and alternatives to traditional law enforcement, stating, “Continue Safety Ambassadors and Civilianization to provide non-law enforcement response.” This includes funding for Police Service Aides, citywide Public Safety Community Ambassadors, and retired Police Officer ambassadors. Additionally, it continues to fund the City’s Street Response Teams, which provide non-law enforcement responses to calls for people in behavioral health crises and those experiencing homelessness.

This approach aligns with far-left ideologies that prioritize reducing the role of trained law enforcement in favor of civilian alternatives. While community involvement and mental health support are crucial, the outright replacement of law enforcement officers with civilian roles undermines public safety and fails to address the complex realities faced by deputies and police officers.

The Impact on Public Safety

The ongoing staffing crisis in the Sheriff’s Department has led to unsafe conditions in our jails, increased violence, and overworked deputies. Instead of addressing these urgent needs, Mayor Breed’s budget expands civilian roles that cannot substitute the critical functions performed by trained law enforcement professionals. This far-left stance prioritizes ideological goals over practical solutions, putting both deputies and the public at risk.

Sheriff Miyamoto’s Complicity

Sheriff Paul Miyamoto’s silence on these issues further underscores the alignment with far-left ideologies. By not aggressively advocating for more trained deputies and failing to address the staffing crisis, the Sheriff is complicit in perpetuating policies that weaken our criminal justice system. His lack of response reflects an acceptance of the civilianization strategy, ignoring the pressing needs for robust law enforcement presence and support.

Adding to the problem is Sheriff Miyamoto’s political endorsements. He has politically endorsed Mayor London Breed for her upcoming elections, further aligning himself with policies that undermine public safety. In the March 2024 election, he endorsed judges known for excessively releasing inmates, fueling the revolving door of the criminal justice system. Recently, in a budget meeting, Sheriff Miyamoto stated his goal is to keep people out of jail because it’s harder for his staff when more people are incarcerated. This perspective not only fails to address the root issues but also compromises the safety of our community.

The Broader Implications

Labeling Mayor Breed and Sheriff Miyamoto as moderates masks the true nature of their policies. Their actions and budget priorities reveal a commitment to far-left ideologies that compromise public safety and effective law enforcement. San Francisco deserves leaders who recognize the importance of a balanced approach, incorporating community support while maintaining a strong, well-trained law enforcement presence.

It’s time for San Franciscans to recognize the true ideological stance of our city leaders. Mayor Breed and Sheriff Miyamoto’s far-left policies are not the moderate solutions they claim to champion. The well-being of our community and the effectiveness of our criminal justice system depend on acknowledging this reality and demanding real, balanced solutions that prioritize public safety and support for our law enforcement officers.

By holding our leaders accountable and challenging the far-left ideologies that drive their policies, we can work towards a safer, more effective San Francisco that truly serves the needs of all its residents.