SF Deputy Diego Perez took an Armed Suspect into Custody Safely

On September 18, 2014, San Francisco Deputy Sheriff Diego Perez was honored as one of the Saint Patrick’s Battalion Honorees for 2014. He was awarded this by the San Francisco Irish Mexican Association. The award is in commemoration of the Saint Patrick’s Battalion, a unit of several hundred Irish and other expatriates of European descent who fought as part of the Mexican Army in the Mexican-American War of 1846-8.

Diego was born and raised in San Francisco and is the youngest of three boys. His parents migrated from Mexico in search of better opportunities. Diego graduated from SFSU with a degree in Criminal Justice. He joined our Department in 2006 and attended the Santa Rosa Police Academy. He graduated near the top of his class and received several awards, including one for excellence in leadership.

Perez HonoredSan Francisco Deputy Sheriff Diego Perez is currently assigned to the Eviction Assistance Unit where he provides assistance to people being evicted, including offering referrals and information for legal issues, relocation, medical issues and other eviction-related matters in their time of need. He was recently awarded with a Sheriff’s commendation for an act of bravery for taking an armed suspect in the Mission safely into custody.

Sheriff Mirkarimi was proud to award Deputy Perez with the Saint Patrick’s Battalion honor. Congratulations also go to SFPD Officer Annie Valenzuela, SFFD Lt. Mike Day, and SFDA Sr. Inv. Henry McKenzie who were the other 2014 honorees.