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Jane Kim

Hear Why SFDSA Endorses #1 Jane Kim for Mayor & Mark Leno #2

The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association is pleased to announce its endorsements for San Francisco Mayor.  “Jane Kim and Mark Leno represent the strongest candidates for improving public safety in San Francisco,” says SFDSA President Ken Lomba.  “Both candidates have impressive track records of working to improve San Franciscans quality of life through thoughtful policies […] Read More »

Deputy Sheriffs Association Concerned About Lack of Patrol Vehicles and Rifles After Mass Shooting

The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association says a lack of patrol vehicles and rifles hampered deputies’ response to Wednesday’s mass shooting. The incident left six people injured, including a San Francisco Police Department Officer. According to the Association’s President, Kenneth Lomba, the patrol unit ran out of vehicles to respond to the incident, and the […] Read More »

SFDSA says Open Up More Job Requisitions!

Budget Analyst speaks on Sheriff’s Dept. and Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer brings up great questions and concerns for Sheriffs Deputies. Then Sheriff Hennessy speaks and during public comment the SFDSA President Ken Lomba says, “Open Up More Job Requisitions!” Supervisor Malia Cohen closes it out with a future meeting with herself, the Budget Director, the […] Read More »


The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association supports efforts to empower San Francisco police officers to carry conducted energy devices, commonly referred to as tasers. Recently, the San Francisco Police Officers Association has promoted an initiative to provide CEDs to San Francisco police officers. If approved, the measure would enable police officers in San Francisco to […] Read More »

San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association applauds Mayor Farrell for leading the charge on rebuilding the Criminal Courthouse

The following is an opinion by San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association President Ken Lomba in response to the recent letter San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell sent to California Gov. Jerry Brown and SFDSA’s followup letter specific to the Hall of Justice Criminal Courthouse: San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association supports Mayor Mark Farrell’s call for the […] Read More »

Deputy Sheriff’s Association Demands Non-Invasive Searches of Transgender Inmates

SAN FRANCISCO, February 22, 2018 ( – On Feb. 20, 2018, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department enacted a policy requiring unwarranted, invasive and humiliating strip searches of transgender inmates. The Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA) decries this intrusive policy and calls for the immediate transition to body scanners for all initial contraband interception. Like jails across the […] Read More »