Call In The National Guard: SFDSA Demands Immediate Increase in Deputy Sheriffs Staffing, Calls for California National Guard Deployment

In a resolute and urgent move, the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs Association (SFDSA) has issued a demand letter to Sheriff Paul Miyamoto, Mayor London Breed, and President of the Board of Supervisors Aaron Peskin. The letter urgently addresses the escalating violence within San Francisco County Jails 2 and 3, highlighting the critical need for additional staffing and resources.

Recent incidents have shocked the community, including a sharp rise in prisoner fights, attacks on prisoners by other inmates, and injuries to both civilian employees and deputy sheriffs. These dangerous incidents underscore the pressing need for intervention to ensure the safety and security of all within the jails.

Of particular concern is the severe short staffing of deputy sheriffs, a crisis that has been worsening since 2020. The SFDSA stresses that the City and Sheriff’s Office must act swiftly to address this pressing issue. The letter demands the immediate deployment of the California National Guard to supplement current staffing levels and bolster safety and security within the jails.

As the situation in San Francisco County Jails reaches a critical point, the SFDSA’s demand for increased staffing and National Guard support raises a crucial question: Will Mayor London Breed and President of the Board of Supervisors Aaron Peskin prioritize the hiring of more deputy sheriffs and the deployment of the California National Guard? The safety and well-being of deputies, inmates, and the community hang in the balance. It is imperative that swift and decisive action be taken to address staffing shortages and ensure a safer environment for all.