Homicides are increasing in San Francisco, while over 170 SFPD are at SFO

Homicides are increasing in San Francisco.

The SFPD Crime Dashboard data shows that Homicides in San Francisco ave increased by +42% citywide. To date there are 50 homicides compared to last years 35. Here are some of the areas impacted the most with homicides.

In the Ingleside District Homicide is up +200%

In the Southern District Homicides are up +200%

In the Bayview District Homicides are up +44%

In the Central District Homicides are up +33%

In the Tenderloin District Homicides are up +14%

Citywide Burglaries have increased by +45% , Stolen Vehicles have increased by +33% and Arson have increased by +35%.

As a city, how do we stop this to protect life and property?

In a SFPD Police Staffing study it stated there are only approximately 691 police officers that are patrolling the city. The remaining staff are in non patrol assignments. This report stated that the amount of officer patrolling and the elongated response times due to workload has created a Critical Staffing Crisis.

The Solution is simple and efficient.  Watch this Video for the explanation please.