DSA is Deeply Concerned About the State of the Police Department

Representing our union members that are residents of San Francisco, DSA President Ken Lomba said he is deeply concerned about the state of the San Francisco Police Department and the impact it is having on public safety in the city. The department is understaffed and facing a high number of retirements, which is making it difficult to effectively serve and protect the community.

One solution that should be considered is for Police Chief Scott to reduce the size of the department and turn over some of its auxiliary functions, such as policing San Francisco International Airport (SFO), the Marine Unit, and patrolling the ports, to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. This would allow Chief Scott to redirect resources towards increasing the number of police officers on the streets of San Francisco, where they are needed most.

The Sheriff’s Department is well-equipped to handle these responsibilities and has a long history of providing law enforcement services in the county. By outsourcing these auxiliary functions, Chief Scott could increase the number of police officers available to patrol the city, particularly in high-crime areas like the tenderloin district.

Reducing the size of the police department and outsourcing certain functions would not only increase the number of officers on the streets, but it would also make the department more efficient and better able to focus on its core mission of preventing and reducing crime. These changes would be beneficial to the community and would help to ensure that the police department is able to effectively serve and protect the people of San Francisco.

It is time for Chief Scott and the Board of Supervisors to take bold action to address the challenges facing the police department and improve public safety in our city. The safety and well-being of our community depend on it.