SFPD at SFO should be redeployed to the Tenderloin

SF Deputy Sheriffs replacing SF Police Officers at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) would save the City’s general fund by deploying over 200 police officers from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to vacant police officer positions within the City. The initial savings would be 31 million dollars, as indicated in the Budget Legislative Analysis report.

Reallocating some or all of the SFPD resources currently devoted to this low crime area (SFO) to the higher crime areas of the City, like the Tenderloin has obvious benefits. Access to these additional officers for quality  investigation of the significant crimes within San Francisco, would protect residents and serve as a fiscal savings in the overall budget.  Foot patrols and a larger SFPD presence in areas that attract tourists would provide for a safer experience for the citizens and visitors in San Francisco.  In turn, the problems facing our tourist industry and revenues that flow from them will likely improve significantly.  

We conducted a survey to see what the voters thought of this idea. 80% percent support the idea of SFSO replacing the SFPD at SFO.

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office specializes in addressing the law enforcement needs of government buildings and provides an excellent professional alternative to the San Francisco Police Department.  The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association urges you to consider, support and implement a phased plan to replace some or all of the law enforcement duties with the SFSO deputies at the San Francisco Airport. 

San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs First to Take Lip Sync Challenge International

On August 26th, San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association dives into the lip sync challenge making a fun video showing there brighter side with the community.  During the making of the video, San Franciscan’s and tourists joined the Deputy Sheriffs with excitement participating with them in the video.  SFDSA President Lomba said, “It was an amazing moment of fun and togetherness.  The community and deputy sheriffs dancing and singing together!”

San Francisco Sheriffs Challenge New Zealand PoliceThis was a historic moment for the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association.  It was the first time we have made a video like this with the community.  Not only was that historic, the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association was the first to take the lip sync challenge international.  We challenged the New Zealand Police an overseas police department.  After we challenged them it made headlines in the New Zealand News media.  It’s become a whole new playing field expanding internationally.  The fun, togetherness and community involvement continues on a whole new level.


San Francisco Sheriffs call out New Zealand Police in lip sync battle

The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association challenges their overseas friends at the New Zealand Auckland Police Department to a lip sync battle.  – New Zealand Herald

San Francisco Cops challenge Auckland Police to lip sync battle

New Zealand Police made international headlines in 2016 when they challenged police forces worldwide to the Running Man Challenge.

Now they have been issued a challenge of their own by the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs Association – a lip sync battle. – Newshub

We are looking forward to New Zealand Police’s lip sync challenge video and making this international, showing everyone a funner side to our profession.  Our job can be very serious at times from saving lives to protecting lives and property.   We care about you, that is our purpose.