Deputy Sheriff Rosado Arrests Man with Weapons

On a February evening, off-duty San Francisco Deputy Sheriff Rosado parked his car on Geary Boulevard and 19th Avenue and was reaching into the trunk to get his backpack when he heard a man walking behind him utter racial epithets and angry threats to shoot certain individuals. As Deputy Sheriff Rosado turned to look at him, he noticed what appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun tucked into the front Continue reading “Deputy Sheriff Rosado Arrests Man with Weapons”

San Francisco Deputy Sheriff Perez Prevents Suicide due to an Eviction

When San Francisco Deputy Sheriff Diego Perez, of the Sheriff’s Civil Unit Eviction Assistance, noticed that an elderly evictee he was counseling had stopped making eye contact with him.  This concerned Deputy Perez and the evictee’s body language raised a red flag to him.  The man had fought the eviction through the Rent Board and the courts.  He had won two stays of execution. But he had just learned that his third request for a stay was denied and he would have to leave the apartment that had been his home for more than 20 years.  Now that the eviction was inevitable, he wanted to know what would happen to his pets and his property if he could not move them out in time. Continue reading “San Francisco Deputy Sheriff Perez Prevents Suicide due to an Eviction”

San Francisco Deputy Sheriff stops Robbery Attempt near City Hall

In June of 2015, an attempted robbery was thwarted by a quick-acting San Francisco Sr. Deputy Sheriff V. Chew when he observed a subject fleeing and others giving chase several blocks from the scene of a robbery.

The robbery, unbeknownst to Sr. Deputy Chew, originated outside the Civic Center headquarters of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Sr. Deputy Chew, who was driving in an unmarked vehicle, was able to catch up to and detain the subject. Kudos to Sr. Deputy Chew!

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Department (SFSD), officially the City and County of San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, is the sheriff’s department for the City and County of San Francisco. The department has 850 deputized personnel, and support staff.

The primary function of the SFSD is to operate the system of county jails where there is an average population of 1,200 inmates, and a number of individuals on supervised release programs.

The SFSD also provides law enforcement and security services in the following locations in San Francisco:

  • the civil and criminal courts
  • City Hall
  • the Emergency Communications & Dispatch center
  • Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, Laguna Honda Hospital, the Public Utilities Commission, the MTA  and several public health clinics

The current sheriff is Vicki Hennessy, the first female sheriff in the city-county (and the second in the nine-county Bay Area, after Virginia Clark of nearby Santa Clara County, as well as the fifth female sheriff in California, joining Margaret Mims [Fresno County], Laurie Craig [Glenn County] and Sandra Hutchens [Orange County]).

The SFSD is a separate organization from the San Francisco Police Department. However, SFSD deputies and SFPD officers have all attended a POST-mandated police academy, and are duly sworn California peace officers enforcing state laws and San Francisco Municipal Ordinances.

San Francisco Deputy Sheriff catches Robbery Suspects

On the morning of January 5, 2016, San Francisco Deputy Sheriff D. Perez, while off duty and walking his dog, observed two men behaving erratically and shadowing a younger man, possibly with the intention of robbing him.

PerezDeputy Perez immediately texted a friend at the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management dispatch center and learned that two men matching their description were being sought by the San Francisco Police Department.

Deputy Perez provided the SFPD with the suspects’ location. Once the suspects were detained, officers informed Deputy Sheriff Perez that the men were also suspects in other robberies and attempted robberies in the area.

“In this situation Deputy Perez used his law enforcement experience while off duty to recognize potential criminal activity,” said Sgt. M. Kilgariff of San Francisco Sheriff”s Department Civil Section. “We are proud of his quick thinking and his resourcefulness in identifying the two suspects.”

San Francisco Deputies help SFPD with CHP Attempted Murder Suspect

On February 2, 2016, while driving patrol for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Patrol Division, Sr. Deputy M. Clauzel and Deputy M. Li responded to a radio call that a CHP officer had been stabbed.

They first advised the SFSD’s Operation Center at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital to clear a path for an ambulance for the wounded officer Continue reading “San Francisco Deputies help SFPD with CHP Attempted Murder Suspect”

Sheriff Deputies violent situation at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

On January 8, 2016, San Francisco Sheriff Deputies G. Edwards and V. Majano together skillfully diffused a potentially violent situation involving a subject who was being placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

Edwards MajanoTheir intervention was gratefully acknowledged in a memo to Sr. Deputy M. Clauzel penned by Dr. David Kastner, who wrote: “Thank you and your fellow sheriff deputies for your superb assistance with a complicated patient situation this morning. You and your deputies not only kept everyone safe in a situation where a patient was getting more and more agitated, but you also were able to calm the patient down enough to allow him to be appropriately evaluated, and ultimately assisted with his needs. The optimal care that came out of the encounter would not have been possible without your assistance.” Continue reading “Sheriff Deputies violent situation at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital”

SF Rotary Club honors San Francisco Sr. Deputy Sheriff for Saving a Woman’s Life

Each year, the SF Rotary Club honors an outstanding representative from each of San Francisco’s public safety departments — Sheriff, Fire, Police, and Coast Guard — with their Emergency Services Award. Yesterday afternoon, the Rotary Club honored our very own Sr. Deputy M. Clauzel for bravery in the face of grave danger.

In the fall of 2015, while off duty, Sr. Deputy Clauzel martialed the aid of passersby to help pull the victim of a terrible car crash away from burning wreckage to safety. He then assisted in directing traffic around the scene of the accident. Sheriff Vicki Hennessy recently wrote of his actions: “In addition to saving the life of Brianna Vargas, Sr. Deputy Clauzel’s quick thinking and leadership ability contained the accident and prevented other motorists from crashing into it.”  Read the full story about San Francisco Deputy Sheriff saving a Woman’s Life here. Continue reading “SF Rotary Club honors San Francisco Sr. Deputy Sheriff for Saving a Woman’s Life”

San Francisco Deputy Sheriff saves Woman from Burning Car

Thursday, October 29, 2015
VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) — ABC7 News was there for an emotional reunion between a San Francisco cop and a deputy sheriff and the young woman they saved from a burning car near Tracy. After almost a month’s stay at various hospitals, Briana Vargas will finally be able to go home soon. It’s a story you’ll see only on ABC7 News. Continue reading “San Francisco Deputy Sheriff saves Woman from Burning Car”

Sheriff’s Deputies Sworn-in as Special Deputy U.S. Marshal’s

On Wednesday, August 13, 2014, nine members of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department were sworn in as Special Deputy Marshals by Northern District of California United States Marshal Donald O’Keefe. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, Undersheriff Federico Rocha and Assistant Sheriff Paul Miyamoto were in attendance at the swearing in ceremony. Undersheriff Rocha is the former Northern District of California United States Marshal, serving from 2003 to 2010. Continue reading “Sheriff’s Deputies Sworn-in as Special Deputy U.S. Marshal’s”